Glycolic Acid Facial Peels

Glycolic acid is one of the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), a group of naturally occurring substances often referred to as “fruit acids” because they are found in various fruits and other foods. Glycolic acid peels are superficial skin peels that are utilized to even pigmentation irregularities and to provide improved skin tone and enhanced skin clarity. In general, a series of six peels at two-week intervals is recommended and intermittently thereafter for maintenance. With each peel, increasing concentrations of glycolic acid are applied as tolerated to maximize the cosmetic result attained. After each peel, you may experience some degree of redness, tightness, or peeling. These usually are not excessive and frequently resolve by the next day. When applied on a regular basis, glycolic acid can promote smoother and healthier looking skin by evening skin tones and exfoliating surface cells to reveal fresh glowing skin.


Insurance does not cover Glycolic Acid Peels as they are undertaken for cosmetic reasons. The patient is therefore responsible for the cost of the treatment. Costs will be quoted prior to treatment.